Dr. Hell

Dr. Hell was the main villain of the fictional robot anime Mazinger Z, its spinoff Mazinkaiser, and its remake Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen. He was a brilliant, cunning and evil scientist, obsessed with world domination through his creations, the armies of Mechanical Beasts. He was a colleague of Dr. Kabuto, a well-meaning scientist, and accompanied him on an archeological expedition to the Greek island of Bardos, where ruins of the ancient Mikenese Empire were found. There they discovered that the ancient Mikenese civilization had the technology to build giant robotic warriors. Hell stole that technology and used it to create an army of fighting machines with which he planned to conquer the world. Dr. Kabuto used this technology coupled with an alloy he'd created to build a robot, Mazinger Z, to halt Hell's plans for world conquest. Time and again Dr. Hell's robots were destroyed by Mazinger Z, sometimes due to the in-fighting between his lieutenants Baron Ashura and Count Brocken. After nearly all of his robots had been destroyed Mazinger Z and his allies traveled to Dr. Hell's island of black iron, Hell and Count Brocken were apparently killed while attempting to flee in the Gool, their giant airship.

After The Great General of Darkness faces Great Mazinger and dies in battle, the Emperor of Darkness replaces Dr. Hell as supreme commander of the Mikene forces. Dr. Hell is somehow brought back to in the Mikene Underworld and placed in a cockpit on the head of the giant body of the Great Marshall of Hell, shortly after he arrives to the Mikene palace in the Underworld by traveling in a tornado; upon his arrival the Emperor of Darkness greets him as the new supreme commander of his army. Now wearing an eye patch, most likely obtain from his death upon the explosion of the Gool, the rest of his actual body is under his cape. The face of his robot resembles his facial features, and his appearance, in contrast to the General of Darkness, is more of an emperor rather than a warrior. His right hand has the shape of a giant claw similar to a hook. The Marshall seeks revenge against the new Mazinger, and keeps his old dreams of glory and domination. It's quite ironic that while in the previous series Hell was manipulated by the Mikene empire and functional to their plans that they eventually choose him as the Dark General's successor. It has been suggested that this was an attempt to bring back some of the old Mazinger Z series spirit to the newer Great Mazinger series in order to invigorate it. The Great Marshall of Hell had to live up to the General of Darkness' reputation, but mostly failed to be as charismatic as him, despite being just as cruel and merciless. In episode 40 he creates a new fortress after the destruction of the Mikelos based on the Gool which he dubbed as the Demonika. He would eventually find his end on board of his beloved Demonika, along with Marquis Janus and some of the Seven Generals. Despite his efforts, Hell would be again defeated in this incarnation, not only by Great Mazinger, but by Mazinger Z, who returned near the end of the series.

In Tranzor Z, the American imported version, Dr. Hell was called Dr. Demon. In the Arabic version it has been changed to Abou'el Gathab or Father of Rage.

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