Downstream (opposite: upstream) may refer to:

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Cochiti Dam - Description
... Cochiti Dam is operated to bypass all inflow to the lake to the extent that downstream channel conditions are capable of safely bypassing the flow ... are initiated when inflow to the lake is in excess of the downstream channel capacity ... Stored floodwaters are released when downstream channel conditions permit, all in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 86-645 and the Rio Grande Compact ...
Downstream - Other
... Downstream (bioprocess) Downstream (manufacturing) Downstream (petroleum industry) ...
Chulabhorn Dam - Controversies
... Like the Pak Mun Dam downstream, the Chulabhorn has not been without its share of controversies ... the Nam Phong to the Choen River, depriving downstream communities along the Choen ... Downstream of the Chulabhorn Dam, along the Choen River, lie three districts Kaset Sombun, Ban Thaen and Phu Khieo ...
Landslide Dam - Consequences
... dams frequently fail catastropically and lead to downstream flooding, often with high casualties ... are responsible for two types of flooding backflooding (upstream flooding) upon creation and downstream flooding upon failure ... the sides of the river valley to further produce landslides downstream ...

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    Building up a family’s fortune is like moving earth with a needle, but losing a family’s fortune can be as swift as a boat rushing downstream with the current.
    Chinese proverb.