Double Layers

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Double Layer (plasma) - Features and Characteristics of Double Layers
... Thickness The production of a double layer requires regions with a significant excess of positive or negative charge, that is, where quasi-neutrality is violated ... The thickness of a double layer is of the order of ten Debye lengths, which is a few centimeters in the ionosphere, a few tens of meters in the interplanetary ... acceleration The potential drop across the double layer will accelerate electrons and positive ions in opposite directions ...
Double Layer (plasma) - Mathematical Description of A Double Layer - Current-carrying Double Layers Formed By Single, Zero Temperature Beams
... may form a particular class of double layer ... of momentum and number density to analyse the structure of these double layers, in the 1D, time-independent limit ... We are looking for double-layerlike solutions, where there is a well localised region with a potential gradient, outside of which the electric field is zero ...
Double Layer (plasma) - History of Double Layers
... maintenance, Irving Langmuir characterized double layers in the laboratory and called these structures double-sheaths ... It was not until the 1950s that a thorough study of double layers started in the laboratory (e.g ... This so-called double layer would accelerate electrons Earthwards ...

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