Doro may refer to:

  • Doro (musician), rock singer, former vocalist of the German heavy metal band Warlock
    • Doro (album), a 1990 album by Doro
  • Dorothy Bush Koch, often called "Doro," daughter of US President George H. W. Bush
  • Doro (telecoms), a Swedish telecommunications company
  • The Doro, another name for the BT Inspiration telephone PBX
  • Doro, the bodiless, godlike character who designs a selective breeding program that spans centuries in the Patternist novels by Octavia E. Butler
  • DoRo Productions, a film company based in Austria, formerly known for their music videos
  • SS Doro, a Panamanian cargo ship in service 1951-56
  • Doro, South Sudan

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Pāvels Doroševs - Club Career
... As a youth player Doroševs was a member of Skonto Riga youth system ... that time Latvia international Andrejs Piedels, Doroševs was unable to compete for a place in the starting line-up ... In 2001 Doroševs transferred to another local club PFK Daugava, where he could finally feel the taste of game action ...
Für Immer (Warlock Song) - Review
... The song was published for the second time in a live version as b-side of the Doro Pesch's single "Hard Times" in 1989 ... in March 1991 by PolyGram under the name Warlock Doro ... In 1998 the track was part of Doro's compilation The Ballads ...
Wild Seed (Octavia Butler Novel) - Themes - Post-Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism
... Doro is the embodiment of a colonizer ... When Doro arrives to a seed village at the beginning of the novel he acknowledges that, "Slavers had been to it before him ... their guns and their greed, they had undone in a few hours the work of a thousand years." Doro has colonized the world with his seed villages thousands of years ...
Doro Theou
... Doro Theou is an album by popular Greek artist Katy Garbi, released in 1999 by Sony Music Greece ... "Doro Theou" is dedicated to Garbi's son, because when the disc was released, Garbi was pregnant ... Although, "Doro Theou is considered as one of Garbi's best albums, it was not so successful because of her pregnancy and her inability to promote it ...