Dong may refer to:

Asian languages

  • Vietnamese đồng (₫), the currency unit of Vietnam
  • Dong people (侗族), an ethnic minority group in China
  • Donghu people (東胡), Mongolic nomadic tribe
  • Dong language
  • Dong Lake, a lake in the Hunan Province of China
  • Dong quai, a medicinal herb
  • Dong (동 or 洞), a section of a city in South Korea, smaller than a gu (ward) and approximately the size of five city blocks
  • A Sponge-model Nokia cellular phone
  • Dong (film) (东), a documentary film by filmmaker Jia Zhangke
  • Dong (name), Vietnamese for the season of winter
  • Lá dong, Vietnamese for a type of prayer-plant (Phrynium placentarium)
  • Dong,


  • Long Duk Dong or "the Donger," a character in the 1984 American movie Sixteen Candles
  • Dong Fangzhuo (董方卓), a Chinese football player
  • Dong Yi Yang (born 1984), South Korean mixed martial arts fighter
  • Dong (Chinese surname), a transliteration of Chinese family names 董, 東 (in Mandarin pinyin)
  • Dong, Cantonese variant of Dang (surname) 黨, 滕
  • Dong (Vietnamese surname), an anglicized variation of the surname Đồng or Đổng.

Dong may also mean:

  • Penis or dildo (slang)
    • Long Dong Silver, a pornographic actor
  • Feces, or excrement
  • A language game where words are spelled out and consonants have the syllable -ong added on the end
  • A creature in the nonsense poem of Edward Lear, The Dong with a Luminous Nose
  • A home run in the sport of baseball
  • A hot dog or German sausage
  • Dong Open Air, a heavy metal festival in Germany, named after the Dong hill
  • Dong (administrative division), a neighborhood division in Korea

DONG can be an abbreviation for:

  • DONG Energy, one of Denmark's energy companies
    • DONG Cup, a former name of the Danish Cup trophy, sponsored by the oil company from 2000 to 2004

Famous quotes containing the word dong:

    With hym ther was a plowman, was his brother,
    That hadde ylad of dong ful many a fother.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)