Feng may refer to:

  • Feng (surname), one of several Chinese surnames in Mandarin:
    • ng (surname) (wikt:冯 féng 2nd tone "gallop"), very common Chinese surname
    • Fèng (surname) (wikt:鳳 fèng 4th tone "phoenix"), relatively common Chinese family name
    • Fēng (surname) (wikt:風 fēng 1st tone "wind"), rare Chinese surname
    • Fèng (wikt:奉 fèng 4th tone "offer"), rare Chinese surname
  • Feng (Claudius), legendary Jutish chieftain and the prototype for William Shakespeare's King Claudius
  • FEng, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Fengjing, the former capital of the duchy of Zhou during the late Shang dynasty
  • Feng County, Shaanxi, in China
  • Feng County, Jiangsu, in China
  • Fenghuang, mythological birds of East Asia
  • Cardinal Feng, in Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition.
  • Feng Office (web application), open source team collaboration software
  • Feng (program), opensource streaming server

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