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Half-diminished Seventh Chord - Function
... The half-diminished chord has three functions in contemporary harmony predominant function, diminished, and dominant function ... The vast majority of its occurrence is on the II chord in the minor mode, wherein it takes a predominant function, leading naturally to the dominant V chord ... root motion, there is only a one note difference between a half diminished chord and a V chord with a 9th ...
Tritone Substitution
... In classical music, a substitute dominant is "a chord sufficiently akin to the dominant to be reasonably set against the tonic, and yet remote enough to give a chromatically expressive, large ... In jazz, a tritone substitution (tritone substitute dominant or substitute dominant) is the chord substitution of a chord with a dominant chord that ...
Augmented Fifth
... triads, built on the same (mediant) degree, in place of the naturally occurring major chord ... fifth was used with correspondingly greater freedom and also became a common component of jazz chords ... century the augmented fifth became commonly used in a dominant chord ...
Harmonization - Reharmonization - Jazz Reharmonization - Chord Substitution
... reharmonization is the use of substitute chords, through a technique known as tritone substitution ... In tritone substitution, a dominant chord is replaced by another dominant chord a tritone above its tonic ... This technique is based on the fact that the third and seventh degrees of a dominant chord are enharmonically the same as the seventh and third degrees of the dominant chord a tritone away ...
Predominant Chord
... In music theory, a predominant chord (also pre-dominant) is any chord which normally resolves to a dominant chord ... Examples of predominant chords are the subdominant (IV), supertonic (ii), Neapolitan sixth and German sixth ... examples are the submediant (vi), secondary dominant (V/V), iv and iiĀ° ...

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    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

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