Dodge City

  • (noun): A town of southwestern Kansas on the Arkansas River; formerly a rowdy cow town.

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Stanley Girard Schlarman - Episcopal Career - Bishop of Dodge City
... Schlarman was later named the fourth Bishop of Dodge City, Kansas, on March 1, 1983 ... He was formally installed on the following May 4 at the Dodge City Civic Center ...
Dodge City, Kansas - Gallery
1959 Graves at Museum, 1959 Historic Images of Dodge City, Special Photo Collections at Wichita State University Library Historic Images of Fort Dodge, Special Photo ...
Levi Richardson
... Richardson was born in Wisconsin, migrating to Dodge City, Kansas after first working for a lengthy period as a buffalo hunter ... When he first arrived in Dodge City, his reputation as being a gunman came with him, although it was mostly, if not all, hearsay ... It is believed that Richardson first arrived in Dodge City around 1874, drifting in and out over time, spending much of his time gambling, and in doing so making ...
Shotgun John Collins - Life
... arrested by Sheriff Whitehill (Silver City) and put into jail, later he bailed himself out for $60, and was so inclined to migrate into Lincoln County ... Bonney in Silver City ... through El Paso, Texas, and later to Dodge City, Kansas ...
Samuel Jay Crumbine - Life in Dodge City
... his medical practice “in rip-roaring, untamed Dodge City during its heyday,” the late 1880s and early 1890s ... The legendary lawmen of Dodge City—Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Luke Short and Bill Tilghman—were his contemporaries ...

Famous quotes containing the words city and/or dodge:

    Living in cities is an art, and we need the vocabulary of art, of style, to describe the peculiar relationship between man and material that exists in the continual creative play of urban living. The city as we imagine it, then, soft city of illusion, myth, aspiration, and nightmare, is as real, maybe more real, than the hard city one can locate on maps in statistics, in monographs on urban sociology and demography and architecture.
    Jonathan Raban (b. 1942)

    I’m a very smart guy. I haven’t a feeling or a scruple in the world. All I have the itch for is money. I am so money greedy that for twenty-five bucks a day and expenses, mostly gasoline and whisky, I do my thinking myself, what there is of it; I risk my whole future, the hatred of the cops ... I dodge bullets and eat saps, and say thank you very much, if you have any more trouble, I hope you’ll think of me, I’ll just leave one of my cards in case anything comes up.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)