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In Egypt, the Doctorate degree – abbreviated as MD – is equivalent to the PhD degree. To earn an MD in a specialty of science, one must have a Master degree (M.Sc.) (or 2 diplomas before the introduction of MSc degree in Egypt) before applying. Earning the MD degree involves studying a course in the specialization, and presenting and defending a dissertation thesis. It usually takes on average from three to five years. Many postgraduate medical and surgical specialties students earn a Doctorate degree in their specialties. After finishing a 6 year medical school and one year internship (house officer), doctors and surgeons earn M.B. B.Ch. degree, which is equivalent to the MD degree of medical schools in the USA. They can then apply to earn a Master degree or a speciality diploma then an MD degree in a specialty. The MD degree in Egypt is written with the name of one's specialty afterward. For example, MD (Geriatrics) means a Doctorate Degree in Geriatrics, which is equivalent to a Ph.D degree in Geriatrics. Academic sciences like Microbiology earn a PhD degree.

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