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Dennis Spooner replaced David Whitaker as script editor after The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and edited the remainder of the season apart from The Time Meddler, which was edited by Donald Tosh. Verity Lambert continued in her role as producer for the entire season while Mervyn Pinfield served as associate producer until the end of The Romans. This season was originally intended to have 40 episodes with Planet of Giants originally shot and edited as 4 x 25 minute episodes. After viewing the episode, Head of series and serials Donald Wilson found them to be lacking in action and ordered that the final two episodes be edited into 1 episode.

Story No. Episodes Serial title Episode titles Directed by Written by UK viewers
Original air date Production
009 3 Planet of Giants "Planet of Giants"
"Dangerous Journey"
Mervyn Pinfield &
Douglas Camfield
Louis Marks Ep. 1: 8.4
Ep. 2: 8.4
Ep. 3: 8.9
Ep. 1: 57
Ep. 2: 58
Ep. 3: 59
31 October - 14 November 1964 J
Following a malfunction on the TARDIS console, the Doctor leads his companions Ian, Barbara and Susan to the world beyond. After some deduction the travellers realise they have arrived on Earth but have shrunk in size to about an inch.
010 6 The Dalek Invasion of Earth "World's End"
"The Daleks"
"Day of Reckoning"
"The End of Tomorrow"
"The Waking Ally"
Richard Martin Terry Nation Ep. 1: 11.4
Ep. 2: 12.4
Ep. 3: 11.9
Ep. 4: 11.9
Ep. 5: 11.4
Ep. 6: 12.4
Ep. 1: 63
Ep. 2: 59
Ep. 3: 59
Ep. 4: 59
Ep. 5: 58
Ep. 6: 63
21 November - 26 December 1964 K
The TARDIS materialises in London only to find it devastated and in ruins. The TARDIS crew discover that they have landed in the 22nd century. Only to find out that the earth has been invaded by the Daleks.
011 2 The Rescue "The Powerful Enemy"
"Desperate Measures"
Christopher Barry David Whitaker Ep. 1: 12.0
Ep. 2: 13.0
Ep. 1: 57
Ep. 2: 59
2–9 January 1965 L
The trio soon encounter two survivors of a space crash, Vicki and Bennett, who are awaiting a rescue ship, due to arrive in three days time. Vicki and Bennett live in fear of Koquillion, a bipedal inhabitant of Dido, which is stalking the area.
012 4 The Romans "The Slave Traders"
"All Roads Lead to Rome"
Christopher Barry Dennis Spooner Ep. 1: 13.0
Ep. 2: 11.5
Ep. 3: 10.0
Ep. 4: 12.0
Ep. 1: 53
Ep. 2: 51
Ep. 3: 50
Ep. 4: 50
16 January - 6 February 1965 M
While enjoying a holiday at a Roman villa in the year 64AD, the Doctor and Vicki decide to visit the city of Rome while Ian and Barbara are kidnapped and sold into slavery.
013 6 The Web Planet "The Web Planet"
"The Zarbi"
"Escape to Danger"
"Crater of Needles"
"The Centre"
Richard Martin Bill Strutton Ep. 1: 13.5
Ep. 2: 12.5
Ep. 3: 12.5
Ep. 4: 13.0
Ep. 5: 12.0
Ep. 6: 11.5
Ep. 1: 56
Ep. 2: 53
Ep. 3: 53
Ep. 4: 49
Ep. 5: 48
Ep. 6: 42
13 February - 20 March 1965 N
An unknown force pulls the TARDIS off course and onto the planet Vortis. The TARDIS crew find two species, The Zarbi and the Menoptra at battle with each other.
014 4 The Crusade "The Lion"
"The Knight of Jaffa"
"The Wheel of Fortune"
"The Warlords"
Douglas Camfield David Whitaker Ep. 1: 10.5
Ep. 2: 8.5
Ep. 3: 9.0
Ep. 4: 9.5
Ep. 1: 51
Ep. 2: 50
Ep. 3: 49
Ep. 4: 48
27 March - 17 April 1965 P
The TARDIS materialises in 12th century Palestine, during the time of the Third Crusade. When the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki emerge, they find themselves in the middle of a Saracen ambush.
015 4 The Space Museum "The Space Museum"
"The Dimensions of Time"
"The Search"
"The Final Phase"
Mervyn Pinfield Glyn Jones Ep. 1: 10.5
Ep. 2: 9.2
Ep. 3: 8.5
Ep. 4: 8.5
Ep. 1: 61
Ep. 2: 53
Ep. 3: 56
Ep. 4: 49
24 April – 15 May 1965 Q
The TARDIS arrives near a vast Space Museum on the planet Xeros, but has jumped a time-track. The TARDIS crew have a series of bizarre experiences as they venture into the Museum – not least that they see but cannot be seen by the militaristic Moroks who run the museum, or the servile indigenous Xerons who work for them. The crew find the four travellers themselves encased and on display.
016 6 The Chase "The Executioners"
"The Death of Time"
"Flight Through Eternity"
"Journey into Terror"
"The Death of Doctor Who"
"The Planet of Decision"
Richard Martin &
Douglas Camfield
Terry Nation Ep. 1: 10.0
Ep. 2: 9.5
Ep. 3: 9.0
Ep. 4: 9.5
Ep. 5: 9.0
Ep. 6: 9.5
Ep. 1: 57
Ep. 2: 56
Ep. 3: 55
Ep. 4: 54
Ep. 5: 56
Ep. 6: 57
22 May – 26 June 1965 R
The Daleks finally detect the TARDIS in their time region and begin a deadly pursue through time and space.
017 4 The Time Meddler "The Watcher"
"The Meddling Monk"
"A Battle of Wits"
Douglas Camfield Dennis Spooner Ep. 1: 8.9
Ep. 2: 8.8
Ep. 3: 7.7
Ep. 4: 8.3
Ep. 1: 57
Ep. 2: 49
Ep. 3: 53
Ep. 4: 54
3–24 July 1965 S
The Doctor and Vicki are amazed to find Steven Taylor aboard the TARDIS, after thinking he perished following their chase from the Daleks. They arrive in 1066 on the coast of Northumbria, and their arrival has been witnessed by a mysterious Monk who is somehow aware of what the TARDIS really is...

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