DNA Polymerase

A DNA polymerase is a cellular or viral enzyme that synthesizes DNA molecules from their nucleotide building blocks. DNA polymerases are essential for DNA replication, and usually function in pairs while copying one double-stranded DNA molecule into two double-stranded DNAs in a process termed semiconservative DNA replication. DNA polymerases also play key roles in other processes within cells, including DNA repair, genetic recombination, reverse transcription, and the generation of antibody diversity. DNA polymerases are widely used in molecular biology laboratories, notably for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA sequencing, and molecular cloning.

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CDC45-related Protein
... Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cdc45, an essential protein required to the initiation of DNA replication ... including Cdc6/Cdc18, the minichromosome maintenance proteins (MCMs) and DNA polymerase, which is important for early steps of DNA replication in eukaryotes ... This protein has been shown to interact with MCM7 and DNA polymerase alpha ...
Variation Across Species - Eukaryotic DNA Polymerase - Reverse Transcriptase
... Some viruses also encode special DNA polymerases, such as Hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase ... These may selectively replicate viral DNA through a variety of mechanisms ... Retroviruses encode an unusual DNA polymerase called reverse transcriptase, which is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase (RdDp) ...
Multiple Displacement Amplification - Materials - Phi 29 DNA Polymerase
... Bacteriophage Φ29 DNA polymerase is a high-processivity enzyme that can produce DNA amplicons of 7 to 10 kb length ... error rate to 1 in 106−107 bases compared to conventional Taq polymerase with a reported error rate of 1 in 9,000 ... used in cell-free cloning, which is the enzymatic method of amplifying DNA in vitro without cell culturing and DNA extraction ...
Single Molecule Real Time Sequencing - Technology
... The DNA sequencing is done on a chip that contains many ZMWs ... Inside each ZMW, a single active DNA polymerase with a single molecule of single stranded DNA template is immobilized to the bottom through which light can penetrate and create a visualization chamber that allows ... a phospho-linked nucleotide incorporated by the DNA polymerase is detected as the DNA synthesis proceeds which results in the DNA sequencing in real ...
Single Molecule Real Time Sequencing
... sequencing (also known as SMRT) is a parallelized single molecule DNA sequencing by synthesis technology developed by Pacific Biosciences ... A single DNA polymerase enzyme is affixed at the bottom of a ZMW with a single molecule of DNA as a template ... is small enough to observe only a single nucleotide of DNA (also known as a base) being incorporated by DNA polymerase ...

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