Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is a term for a miracle perceived to be caused by a Deity's active involvement in the human world.

Divine Intervention may also refer to:

  • "Divine Intervention", a 1991 song on Matthew Sweet's album Girlfriend.
  • Divine Intervention (album), a 1994 album by Slayer.
  • Divine Intervention, a 1986 album by filk musician Julia Ecklar.
  • Divine Intervention (film), a 2002 film by Elia Suleiman.
  • "Divine Intervention", a 2001 song on Pennywise's album Land of the Free?.
  • "Divine Intervention", a song recorded by Backstreet Boys for their 2005 album Never Gone but it didn't make the cut.
  • "Divine Intervention", a 2006 song on Taking Back Sunday's album Louder Now.
  • "Divine Intervention", a song on Autopilot Off's album "Make a Sound".
  • "Divine Intervention", a 2002 flash game by FancyForce.

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Spiritist Healing
... faith through prayer and/or rituals that, according to adherents, stimulate a divine presence and power toward correcting disease and disability ... Belief in divine intervention in illness or healing is related to religious belief ... of communal prayer and gestures (such as laying on of hands) that are claimed to solicit divine intervention in initiating spiritual and literal healing ...
Moosa Khan - Plot
... try to gun down the lecturing Imam their guns suddenly malfunction by divine intervention and when the ghastly hindus decide to fire some heavy artillery and rocket launchers at the mosque (it appears divine ... in Matrix-like slow motion towards our hero and each time by divine intervention they somehow fail to hit their target ...
List Of Submissions To The 75th Academy Awards For Best Foreign Language Film
... Palestine tried to submit Divine Intervention, forcing the apolitical Academy to make a decision about whether it would accept Palestine as a country ... that there had been no "national selection committee" that chose Divine Intervention, as required by the rules ... its decision the following year, and allowed Divine Intervention to compete ...

Famous quotes containing the words intervention and/or divine:

    I was curious, I was avid to know only what I found more real than myself, that which allowed me to glimpse the thoughts of a great genius, or the force or grace of nature left to its own devices, without the intervention of man.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    Of lower states, of acts of routine and sense, we can tell somewhat; but the masterpieces of God, the total growths and universal movements of the soul, he hideth; they are incalculable. I can know that truth is divine and helpful; but how it shall help me I can have no guess, for so to be is the sole inlet of so to know.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)