• (noun): The process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color.

Some articles on dithering:

Ordered Dithering
... Ordered dithering is an image dithering algorithm ... The algorithm achieves dithering by applying a threshold map on the pixels displayed, causing some of the pixels to be rendered at a different color, depending on how far in between the color is of ... Additionally, because the location of the dithering patterns stays always the same relative to the display frame, it is less prone to jitter than error-diffus ...
Rounding - Dithering and Error Diffusion
... In these circumstances dithering, and a related technique, error diffusion, are normally used ... Floyd–Steinberg dithering is a popular error diffusion procedure when digitising images ...
Dither - Digital Photography and Image Processing - Applications
... One common application of dithering is to more accurately display graphics containing a greater range of colors than the hardware is capable of showing ... For example, dithering might be used in order to display a photographic image containing millions of colors on video hardware that is only capable of showing 256 colors at a time ... Without dithering, the colors in the original image might simply be "rounded off" to the closest available color, resulting in a new image that is a poor ...
Image Magick - Features and Capabilities - Dithering
... A fine control is provided for the dithering that occurs during color and shading alterations, including the ability to generate halftone dithering ...
Dither - Digital Photography and Image Processing
... Dithering is a technique used in computer graphics to create the illusion of color depth in images with a limited color palette (color quantization) ... By its nature, dithering introduces a pattern in to the image, the idea is that the image is viewed from such a distance the pattern is not discernible to the human eye ... of the first methods to generate blue noise dithering patterns, however, other techniques such as ordered dithering can also generate blue noise dithering without the ...

Famous quotes containing the word dithering:

    I feared
    The belly-cold, the grave-clout, that betrayed
    Me dithering in the drift of cordial seas;
    Ten years are time enough to be dismayed
    By mummy Christ, head crammed between his knees.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)