Distant may refer to:

  • Distant (album), an album by Sarge
  • Distant (film), the North American title of a Turkish film released as Uzak
  • William Lucas Distant (1845-1922), an English entomologist
  • Distant signal in railway signalling

Other articles related to "distant":

Distant Relatives
... Distant Relatives is a collaborative studio album by American rapper Nas and Jamaican reggae artist Damian Marley, released May 18, 2010, on Universal Republic and Def Jam Recordings ... musical elements of hip hop and reggae, Distant Relatives features lyrical themes concerning ancestry, poverty, and the plight of Africa ... Upon its release, Distant Relatives received positive reviews from most music critics ...
Second World War At Sea Series - Supplements - Distant Oceans
... Now out of print, Distant Oceans added scenarios to the existing games at the time it was printed as well as featuring several background articles ... Because of this, Distant Oceans will not be reprinted ...
Gamma-Ray Burst Optical/Near-Infrared Detector - Discoveries
... VLT subsequently placed the GRB at 12.8 Gly distant, making it the most-distant GRB observed, as well as the second-most-distant object to be spectroscopically confirmed ... that the GRB was the most energetic yet observed, and 12.2 Gly distant ...
A Distant Shore: African Americans Of D-Day
... A Distant Shore African Americans of D-Day is a television documentary program that was produced for The History Channel by Flight 33 Productions in 2007 ... A one-hour special, A Distant Shore African Americans of D-Day told the story of African American soldiers in World War II, who went ashore in France during the 1944 Invasion of ...

Famous quotes containing the word distant:

    Ev’n thou who mourn’st the Daisy’s fate,
    That fate is thine—no distant date;
    Stern Ruin’s ploughshare drives , elate,
    Full on thy bloom,
    Till crush’d beneath the furrow’s weight,
    Shall be thy doom.
    Robert Burns (1759–1796)

    I do believe that the outward and the inward life correspond; that if any should succeed to live a higher life, others would not know of it; that difference and distance are one. To set about living a true life is to go on a journey to a distant country, gradually to find ourselves surrounded by new scenes and men; and as long as the old are around me, I know that I am not in any true sense living a new or a better life.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We don’t know when our name came into being or how some distant ancestor acquired it. We don’t understand our name at all, we don’t know its history and yet we bear it with exalted fidelity, we merge with it, we like it, we are ridiculously proud of it as if we had thought it up ourselves in a moment of brilliant inspiration.
    Milan Kundera (b. 1929)