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Disney Channel Original Series (Live-action)
Year Series Notes
2012 Stan, El Perro Bloguero (Dog With a Blog) On air, first season (Premiered March 23, 2013)
2012 Code: 9 No longer airing (Premiered December 28, 2012)
2012 Violetta On air second season (Premiered April 29, 2013, second season)
2011 Austin & Ally On air second season (Premiered February 4, 2013, second season)
2011 Jessie On air second season (Premiered May 3, 2013, second season)
2011 PrankStars No longer airing
2011 "Qué Onda!"(So Random!) No longer airing
2011 "Programa de Talentos"(A.N.T. Farm) On air second season, (Premiered September 7, 2012, second season)
2011 "A todo ritmo"(Shake it up) On air third season, (Premiered June 4, 2013, third season)
2011 Cuando toca la campana(Latin American Version of As the Bell Rings) No longer airing
2010 Buena Suerte Charlie(Good Luck Charlie) On air, third season (Premiered July 30, 2012, third season)
2009 Jonas L.A. No longer airing
2009 Sunny entre estrellas(Sonny With a Chance) No longer airing
2008 Zack y Cody Gemelos a bordo"(The Suite Life on Deck) No new episodes airing, (reruns) (series finale premiered May 28, 2011)
2007 Los Hechiceros de Waverly Place(Wizards of Waverly Place) No new episodes airing, (reruns) (series finale premiered January 15, 2012)
2007 Cory en la casa blanca"(Cory in the House) No longer airing
2006 Hannah Montana No new episodes airing, (reruns) (series finale premiered February 20, 2011)
2005 Zack y Cody Gemelos en acción"(The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) No new episodes airing, (reruns)
2003 "Es tan Raven"(That's So Raven) No longer airing
2001 Lizzie McGuire No longer airing
2000 "Mano a Mano" No longer airing
1999 "Que Raro" No longer airing
Disney Channel Original Series (Animated)
Year Series Notes
2012 "Gravity Falls: Un verano de misterios" On Air, first season (Premiered October 6, 2012)
2010 "Pecezuelos" On Air, second season (Premiered February 6, 2012, second season)
2007 "Phineas y Ferb" On air, fourth season (Premiered December 30, 2012, fourth season)
2006 "Los sustituos" No new episodes airing, (reruns)
2006 "Las Nuevas Locuras del Emperador" No new episodes airing, (reruns)
2005 "Maggie una Mosca con Onda" No longer airing
2005 "Jake Long: El Dragón Occidental" No new episodes airing (reruns)
2004 "Las Aventuras de Brandy y El Señor Bigotes" No new episodes airing, (reruns)
2003 "Lilo y Stich: La serie" No longer airing
2002 Kim Possible No longer airing
2001 "La Familia Proud" No longer airing
2001 "El Show del Ratón" No longer airing
1997 Recess "Recreo" No new episodes airing, (reruns)
Upcoming Series
Year Series Notes
2013 Wander Over Yonder Coming Soon
Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior Original Series
Year Series Notes
2009 "Jungla Sobre Ruedas" Disney Junior en Disney Channel
2009 "Oso Agente Especial" Disney Junior en Disney Channel
2008 "Los Imaginadores" Disney Junior en Disney Channel
2007 Bunnytown No longer airing
2007 "Mis amigos Tiger y Pooh" No longer airing
2006 "Many a la Obra" Disney Junior and Disney Junior en Disney Channel
2006 "La Casa de Mickey Mouse" Disney Junior en Disney Channel
Non-original series
Year Series Notes
2000 Art Attack de Disney On air, first season new episode
2001 "Los Padrinos Mágicos" On reruns (season 1-5, also aired on Disney XD, but newer seasons aired on Nickelodeon
2005 "Mi Vida con Derek" No longer airing
2006 A Kind of Magic No longer airing
2006 Mortified "¿Por qué a mí?" No longer airing
2007 El Show Secreto On reruns
2007 George of the Jungle "George de la selva" No longer airing
2008 Paradise Café No longer airing
2008 Stitch! On air, second season
2009 "Jake y Blake" No longer airing
2011 Supertorpe No longer airing
Disney Channel Original Movies (Recents)
Year Movie Notes
2012 Let it Shine Premiered on August 19, 2012
2011 Lemonade Mouth Premiered on November 11, 2012
2011 Zack y Cody La Película Premiered on May 12, 2013

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