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Love And Other Disasters (album)
... Love and Other Disasters is the third album by Swedish heavy metal band Sonic Syndicate ... Love and Other Disasters is the last album by the band to feature former singer Roland Johansson, and producer Jonas Kjellgren (although Kjellgren still did some work with the band besides production on ...
Lists Of Disasters
... The following are lists of disasters ... List of disasters by cost ...
Lists Of Disasters - By Location
... List of disasters in Australia List of disasters in Canada List of disasters in Poland List of disasters in Thailand List of disasters in the United Kingdom List of ...
Lists Of Disasters - Accidents - Health
... of epidemics List of mass evacuations Manmade These are lists of disasters caused by deliberate human action ... List of wars and anthropogenic disasters by death toll Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki List of crimes involving radioactive substances List of nuclear tests List of ...
List Of Canadian Disasters By Death Toll
... List of Canadian disasters by death toll is a list of major disasters (excluding acts of war) which occurred in Canada or involved Canadian citizens, in a definable ...

Famous quotes containing the word disasters:

    Well had the boding tremblers learned to trace
    The day’s disasters in his morning face.
    Oliver Goldsmith (1728–1774)

    The formula for achieving a successful relationship is simple: you should treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.
    Quentin Crisp (b. 1908)

    Those who escape death in great disasters are surely destined for good fortune later.
    Chinese proverb.