• (adj): Relating to or indicating directions in space.
    Example: "A directional microphone"
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Some articles on directional:

Marnach Transmitter
... Therefore it was given a directional antenna with a switchable directional characteristic pointing North-northeast towards the Rhine-Ruhr area ... This antenna was implemented in form of a directional antenna consisting of three ground-fed 105-metre tall guyed mast antennas arranged in the form of an isosceles triangle with a 90 degree ...
Straight Line HDD
... which designs and builds tooling and equipment for the Directional Drilling industry ... The company's products include directional drills, mud mixing systems, air hammers and a full line of down hole tools, wear parts and accessories for ... Today StraightLine HDD has directional drilling equipment, tools and accessories operating in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, India, Poland ...
Signposts - Categories
... A rather informal distinction among the directional signs is the one between advance directional signs, interchange directional signs, and reassurance signs ... Advance directional signs appear at a certain distance from the interchange, giving information for each direction ... Advance directional signs enable drivers to take precautions for the exit (e.g ...
Simplified Directional Facility
... Simplified Directional Facility or SDF is a localizer-based instrument non-precision approach to an airport, which provides final approach course similar to instrument landing ...
Automatic Block Signaling - Basic Operation - Automatic Traffic Control
... systems were implemented as a hybrid of bi-directional ABS and signaling systems with traffic control functions ... of Absolute Permissive Block where a typical bi-directional ABS would be outfitted with signaled passing points with absolute signals protecting the next segment of ... under such a system would tend to still follow the bi-directional ABS rules although without the risk of trains meeting head on ...

More definitions of "directional":

  • (adj): Showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on.
    Example: "The directional role of science on industrial progress"
    Synonyms: directing, directive, guiding
  • (adj): Relating to direction toward a (nonspatial) goal.
    Example: "He tried to explain the directional trends of modern science"