Diocesan Bishop

Diocesan Bishop

A diocesan bishop — in general (i.e., in various religious denominations) — is a bishop in charge of a diocese. These are to be distinguished from suffragan bishops, assistant bishops, coadjutor bishops, auxiliary bishops, metropolitans, and primates.

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Translation (ecclesiastical)
... Translation is the technical term when a bishop is transferred from one diocese to another ... This can be From suffragan bishop status to diocesan bishop From coadjutor bishop to diocesan bishop From one country's episcopate to another From diocesan ...
Catholic Church Hierarchy - Bishop - Other Bishops
... A Diocesan Bishop may have bishops who assist in his ministry ... The Coadjutor Bishop of a see has the right of succession on the death or resignation of the Diocesan Bishop, and, if the see is an archdiocese, holds the title of Archbishop ... Similarly, a retired Diocesan Bishop keeps his connection with the see to which he was appointed, and is known as Bishop (or Archbishop) Emeritus of that see ...
Diocesan Bishop - Roman Catholic Church - Bishop Emeritus
... When a diocesan bishop or auxiliary bishop retires, the word "emeritus" is added to his former title, i.e ... Archbishop Emeritus of...", "Bishop Emeritus of...", or "Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of..." Examples of usage would be "The Most Reverend (or The Right Reverend) John Jones, Bishop Emeritus of Anytown" and "Hi ... The term "Bishop Emeritus" of a particular see can apply to several people, if the first lives long enough ...
Table of Authentic Interpretations
771 Diocesan bishop cannot dispense from canonical form for the marriage of two Catholics. 1093 Bishops emeriti may be elected to the Synod of Bishops. 388 Auxiliary bishops cannot fill office of president of an episcopal conference ...
Confirmed - Roman Catholic View
... only on persons old enough to understand it, and the ordinary minister of confirmation is a bishop ... If necessity so requires", the diocesan bishop may grant specified priests the faculty to administer the sacrament, although normally he is to administer it ... within the confines of their jurisdiction, those who in law are equivalent to a diocesan Bishop (for example, a vicar apostolic) in respect of the person to be ...

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