Digest can refer to any of the following:

  • A condensed collection or compendium of writings:
    • Pandects, or "The Digest", a digest of Roman law
    • A tax digest
    • Digest size magazine format, used by some magazines (though not always consistently used by magazines with "Digest" in their names)
    • Any of several periodical publications with "Digest" in the title:
      • Children's Digest
      • Consumers Digest
      • Football Digest
      • Golf Digest
      • Reader's Digest
      • Writer's Digest
  • Digestion of food
  • Digest access authentication in HTTP, SIP and other computer network protocols
  • Hash algorithm, sometimes called "message digest"
  • A style or format of distribution of electronic mailing lists in which multiple messages are placed together and distributed as a single unit. It is a MIME Multipart Subtype. See MIME.
  • A feature in electronic mailing list to receive email digest only.
  • In biology, a restriction digest cleaves DNA using restriction endonucleases, or protein is digested into peptides

DIGEST can refer to:

  • Digital Geographic Exchange Standard

Other articles related to "digest":

Legislative Digest
... Legislative Digest is an official publication of the House Republican Conference ... Legislative Digest is currently published online ... For instance, Legislative Digest's summaries of bills and amendments often serve as a source for the scrolling display commentary on C-SPAN ...
Laugh Comics Digest
... Laugh Comics Digest was a publication of Archie Comics that lasted for 200 issues from August 1974 through April 2005 ... The title was first published as Laugh Comics Digest, then the name was later changed to Laugh Comics Digest Magazine, and finally it was changed to ... with a new title, Tales From Riverdale Digest ...
Caitlín R. Kiernan Bibliography - Sirenia Digest
... Madonna Littoralis" (Sirenia Digest #1, December 2005 reprinted in Fantasy Magazine #2, 2006 Wildside Press) "Untitled 13" (Sirenia Digest #1, December 2005) "Orpheus. 3)" (Sirenia Digest #8, July 2006) "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ghoul" (Sirenia Digest #9, August 2006) "Untitled 23" (Sirenia Digest #10, September. 4)" (Sirenia Digest #11, October 2006 reprinted in Dark Delicacies II, 2007 Carroll Graf) "The Lovesong of Lady Ratteanrufer" (Sirenia Digest #12, November 2006) "Metamorphosis A" (S ...
Screen Digest - Conferences On Cutting-edge Media
... In its association with Nord Media, Screen Digest staged two landmark video conferences Video Disc 77 and Video Disc and Videogram 79 ... In May 1981 Screen Digest was involved in conference organisation for the International Video Week, co-ordinated by The Economist and held on the South Bank, London ... In 1996 Screen Digest became responsible for arranging the conference programme for the annual European Video Perspective (PEVE) home entertainment conferences and ...

Famous quotes containing the word digest:

    To save the theatre, the theatre must be destroyed, the actors and actresses must all die of the plague. They poison the air, they make art impossible. It is not drama that they play, but pieces for the theatre. We should return to the Greeks, play in the open air; the drama dies of stalls and boxes and evening dress, and people who come to digest their dinner.
    Eleonora Duse (1859–1924)

    The man who reads everything is like the man who eats everything: he can digest nothing, and the penalty of crowding one’s mind with other men’s thoughts is to have no thoughts of one’s own.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    For I pray that God will digest me.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)