Differentiation may refer to:

  • Differentiation (mathematics), the process of finding a derivative
  • Differentiated instruction in education
  • Cellular differentiation in biology
  • Planetary differentiation in planetary science
  • Inductive reasoning aptitude in psychology
  • Igneous differentiation in geology
  • Product differentiation in marketing
  • Differentiation (linguistics)
  • Differentiation (sociology)
  • Differentiation (economics), the making a product different from other similar products
  • Differentiation (ethnography), the invention of ostensible differences between cultures

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... epidermal lamellar body Biological process • epidermal cell differentiation • negative regulation of angiogenesis • regulation of cell ...
Levi-Civita Field - Extensions and Applications
... It is the basis of automatic differentiation, a way to perform differentiation in cases that are intractable by symbolic differentiation or finite-difference methods ...
Logarithmic Differentiation
... In calculus, logarithmic differentiation or differentiation by taking logarithms is a method used to differentiate functions by employing the logarithmic derivative of a function f, The technique is often ... Logarithmic differentiation relies on the chain rule as well as properties of logarithms (in particular, the natural logarithm, or the logarithm to the base e) to ... principle can be implemented, at least in part, in the differentiation of almost all differentiable functions, providing that these functions are non-zero ...
Chuk - Function - Epidermal Differentiation
... IKK-α has been shown to function in epidermal differentiation independently of the NF-κB pathway ... IKK-α is required for cell cycle exit and differentiation of the embryonic keratinocytes ... Instead it is thought that IKK-α regulates skin differentiation by acting as a cofactor in the TGF-β / Smad2/3 signaling pathway ...