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Example of A Fire Stop Fire-resistance Rating Test
... This determines the fire stop F-Rating ... average heat rise above ambient at any single location determines the duration for the FT Rating (Fire and Temperature) ... The lowest of the three determines the overall rating ...
Dose (biochemistry) - Effects Are Dose-dependent
... the poison Dosage (the size of each dose) determines the strength and duration of the health benefits of nutrients, and also of the therapeutic effects of medical treatments ... Dosage also determines the severity of adverse effects of treatments and toxins ... that is, the period of time over which the dose was received (all at once or gradually) also determines its effects (the body may build tolerance to gradual exposure to a drug, while a large ...
Political Consciousness - Consciousness and The Political-economy
... He famously wrote, "It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness." Perhaps Marx's greatest contribution to ... comprehensive investigation into the role of Ideology, or how social being determines consciousness, which results in certain (for the most part unconscious) belief and value systems depending ...
Signal Timing - Basic Timing Functions
... MIN time determines the minimum duration of the green interval for each movement ... Gap, extension, or passage time determines the extendable portion of the green time for a movement ... Yellow Clearance determines the yellow time for the associated movement ...
Measurement Of Quantum Entanglement - Philosophical Problems of Quantum Measurements - Does Measurement Actually Determine The State?
... (and in what sense) a measurement actually determines the state is one which differs among the different interpretations of quantum mechanics ... the Copenhagen interpretation, the measurement determines the state, and after measurement the state is definitely what was measured ... But according to the many-worlds interpretation, measurement determines the state in a more restricted sense In other "worlds", other measurement results ...

Famous quotes containing the word determines:

    The syntactic component of a grammar must specify, for each sentence, a deep structure that determines its semantic interpretation and a surface structure that determines its phonetic interpretation.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)

    A mountain chain determines many things for the statesman and philosopher. The improvements of civilization rather creep along its sides than cross its summit. How often is it a barrier to prejudice and fanaticism!
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Our civility, England determines the style of, inasmuch as England is the strongest of the family of existing nations, and as we are the expansion of that people. It is that of a trading nation; it is a shopkeeping civility. The English lord is a retired shopkeeper, and has the prejudices and timidities of that profession.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)