Determination may refer to:

  • Cell fate determination
  • Co-determination
  • Coefficient of determination
  • Determination (God Forbid album), 2001
  • Determination (Tommy Emmanuel album), 1992
  • Expert determination
  • Hidden surface determination
  • Orbit determination
  • Presidential Determination
  • Sex-determination
  • Self-determination
  • Van Slyke determination
  • Zeisel determination
  • Zerewitinoff determination
  • Determination, a concept in dialectics

Other articles related to "determination":

Absolute Electrode Potential - Determination
... The basis for determination of the absolute electrode potential under the Trasatti definition is given by the equation where EM(abs) is the absolute ...
Szekler National Council - Doctrine
... Council also claims the rights of Székelys to self-determination, as guaranteed by the Treaty of Trianon ... be a confirmation of the concept of the right for self-determination of nations ... The SZNC hopes to obtain self-determination for the Székely Land on the Catalan model ...
Biological Determination (sociology)
... The natural-masculinity thesis requires strong biological determination of group differences in complex social behaviors (such a creating families and armies) ... There is no evidence at all of strong determination in this sense ... is little evidence even of weak biological determination of group differences in simple individual behaviours ...
Children Of Jerusalem: Gesho - Summary
... As Gesho shares his nostalgia for the garden he left back in Ethiopia and his determination to succeed as a professional soccer player in Israel, his story of assimilation comments on Israel’s Ethiopian ... field during practice it’s clear that his inner strength and determination have contributed to his ranking as the number two player on his ... With excitement and determination, Gesho has little doubt that he will succeed, and with his infectious optimism, it is sure to carry him a long way ...