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Hatching System - Origins
... Franquart it served as a natural method to designate tinctures of the arms ... was so because tricking was a simpler way than hatching to designate the tinctures ... Besides this, tinctures were designated in the fields and on the ordinaries and charges by tricking R–rosso–gules, A–azure–azure, N–nigro–sable ...
Tricking (heraldry) - Origin - The Gemstone-planetary Blason
... a heraldic system consisting of the tinctures, planets and carbuncles (furthermore, the virtues, metals, months, the zodiac, and weekdays among others) ... the Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, and also he gave the names of the tinctures in Greek ... in his 1654 book titled Aspilogia the symbols of the planets to designate tinctures (presented in the table) ...

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