Deroplatys Lobata

Deroplatys lobata, common name Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis or Dead Leaf Mantis, is a species of praying mantis that inhabits Thailand, Java, Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.

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... Adult female Tenodera sinensis Adult female Ameles decolor Adult female Deroplatys desiccata photographed at Bristol Zoo in 2007 Two adult female Mantis ...
Deroplatys Lobata - In Captivity - Care
... Deroplatys lobata do well when the temperature is not below 75 degrees fahrenheit to 95 degrees fahrenheit ... To molt Deroplatys lobata need a rough superior support, like a piece of rough bark or a rough stick (not a slippery stick because the nymph cannot get ... A good sized container for Deroplatys lobata in width and height is usually 3x the length of the mantis, but for young nymphs (1st to 2nd instar nymphs) a 16oz container is good ...