• (adj): Represented graphically by sketch or design or lines.
    Synonyms: pictured, portrayed

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Afrasiab Painting
... private house, three or four different countries neighbouring Central Asia are depicted ... Marshak points out that Sogdian painting, gods are always depicted on the top of the main wall ... then lord of inner and central Asia, might be depicted there ...
List Of Savage Land Races - Known Races - Sun People
... Although the Sun People were depicted as green-skinned in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #19 (December 1987), they are in fact indistinguishable from ordinary ... The cited Handbook entry in fact erroneously depicted a Sheenarian, member of an extradimensional race who once invaded the Savage Land (first seen in Ka-Zar Lord of the ... During the Secret Invasion storyline, Sheenarians were depicted among Ka-Zar's allies in his fight against the Skrulls, presumably as a result of the ...
Meritamen (daughter Of Thutmose III) - Biography
... She is depicted, together with her sisters and Menkheperre, on a statue of their maternal grandmother Hui (now in the British Museum) ... She is also depicted in the Hathor chapel built by her father in Deir el-Bahri ... second daughter called Meritamen she is also depicted on Hui's statue ...
Sculpture of Seneb and His Family
... Seneb is depicted sitting cross-legged on a block of stone with his arms folded in a position characteristic of a scribe ... They are depicted nude with their index fingers placed in their mouths and a lock of hair falling on one side of their heads, indicating that they were below the age of ... The names of three children are recorded, though the third child was not depicted on the sculpture - presumably for reasons of symmetry ...
... She was rarely depicted, and no temples to her have been identified ... When she was depicted, it was wearing a tall crown with the Was sceptre, which was related to her name, upon her head and carrying other weapons such as ... On the stela above Amun is depicted to the left ...

Famous quotes containing the word depicted:

    Et in Arcadia ego.
    [I too am in Arcadia.]
    Anonymous, Anonymous.

    Tomb inscription, appearing in classical paintings by Guercino and Poussin, among others. The words probably mean that even the most ideal earthly lives are mortal. Arcadia, a mountainous region in the central Peloponnese, Greece, was the rustic abode of Pan, depicted in literature and art as a land of innocence and ease, and was the title of Sir Philip Sidney’s pastoral romance (1590)