"Denied" is a song by the San Diego-based rock band Unwritten Law, produced by Greg Graffin and released as the second single from the band's 1996 album Oz Factor.

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Transsexualism - Coming Out - Stealth
... There are examples of people having been denied medical treatment upon discovery of their trans status, whether it was revealed by the patient or inadvertently discovered by the ... He nearly died after being denied treatment ... Tyra Hunter died after being denied care by paramedics and emergency room physicians after she was injured in an automobile accident ...
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Justice Denied
... Justice Denied was founded in 1998 as a volunteer, non-profit magazine to promote awareness of wrongful convictions, and their causes and preventions ... As of January 1, 2011 Justice Denied became an Internet only publication with the current issue and all back issues available online for no charge reading, printing and downloading from Justice Denied's ... A complete index of the more than 1,000 articles published in Justice Denied related to wrongful convictions in every state in the United States and dozens of other ...
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... in the party in the Radical Reformation which utterly denied the divinity of Jesus Christ ... and the Hungarian Ferenc David, denied not just the pre-existence of Christ, which is what distinguished "Socinian" from "Arian" belief, but Budny ... Among these three Budny also denied the virgin birth ...

Famous quotes containing the word denied:

    Successful socialism depends on the perfectibility of man. Unless all, or nearly all, men are high-minded and clear-sighted, it is bound to be a rotten failure in any but a physical sense. Even through it is altruism, socialism means materialism. You can guarantee the things of the body to every one, but you cannot guarantee the things of the spirit to every one; you can guarantee only that the opportunity to seek them shall not be denied to any one who chooses to seek them.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)

    Oh, the holiness of always being the injured party. The historically oppressed can find not only sanctity but safety in the state of victimization. When access to a better life has been denied often enough, and successfully enough, one can use the rejection as an excuse to cease all efforts. After all, one reckons, “they” don’t want me, “they” accept their own mediocrity and refuse my best, “they” don’t deserve me.
    Maya Angelou (b. 1928)

    I got quite bored, serving in the bar. Since I was there, the customers wouldn’t talk about women, and with half their subject matter denied them, it was: horses, silence; horses, silence.
    Bernadette Devlin (b. 1947)