Demos may refer to:

  • Demos, a rhetorical term for the population of an ancient Greek state
    • Deme or Demoi, the term for an ancient subdivision of Attica, Greece
    • Demos/Demoi, the name for a specific type of subdivision or municipality in modern Greece; an administrative area covering a city or several villages together
  • Demos (UK think tank), London based public policy research organisation and publisher
  • Demos (U.S. think tank), a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization
  • Democratic Opposition of Slovenia, DEMOS coalition, Slovenia
  • Eindhovense Studentenvereniging Demos, a student association in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Demos may also refer to:

  • Demos (Crosby, Stills & Nash album), 2009
  • Demos (Imperial Drag album), 2005
  • Demos (Matt Skiba album)
  • Demos (film), a 1921 silent film
  • DEMOS, a Soviet Unix-like operating system
  • Demos Commander, an Orthodox File Manager for Unix-like systems
  • Deimos (moon), one of the two moons of Mars
  • The Demos, American rock band

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