Demonstration may refer to:

  • Demonstration (people), a political rally or protest
  • Demonstration (proof), a conclusive mathematical proof
  • Demonstration (teaching), a method of teaching by example rather than simple explanation
  • Demonstration (military), an attack or show of force on a front where a decision is not sought
  • Product demonstration, a sales or marketing presentation such as a:
    • Technology demonstration, an incomplete version of product to showcase idea, performance, method or features of the product
  • Scientific demonstration, a scientific experiment to illustrate principles
  • Exhibition game or Demonstration, a sporting event with no competitive value to any competitor
  • Demonstration (acting)
  • Demonstration (album), the first EP by We Came As Romans
  • Demonstration (Tinie Tempah album), second album by Tinie Tempah

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List Of Electronic Music Festivals - 1990s - 1997 – Fuckparade
... The Fuckparade is a techno demonstration in Berlin which stemmed in reaction to the music restriction and commercialization of Love Parade ... The first Fuckparade demonstration was named Hateparade (to show the difference to the "Loveparade"), and was held on 12 June 1997 ... The name of this demonstration was misinterpreted by some press as "March of Hate", hence it was changed to "Fuckparade" – which has nothing to do with the literal meaning, it just being ...
Museum Theatre - Demonstration
... Demonstration is a form of museum interpretation that has been used in museums, historic sites, zoos, and aquaria for decades ... Demonstration is a way to illustrate activities such as historical craft-making and concepts like scientific principles ... In a demonstration, the demonstrator generally explains the activity or concept using something "real" like an object or animal ...
Summer 1981 Hunger Demonstrations In Poland - The Demonstration in Łódź
... The biggest demonstration took place in Łódź, on July 30, 1981, and was organized by a group of local activists of Solidarity, such as Andrzej Slowik, Grzegorz Palka and Jerzy Kropiwnicki ... The demonstration takes place in silence, with a feeling of mourning ... This is his recollection of the demonstration "In those years, Łódź became famous in Poland with the so-called hunger march, frequently shown on public TV ...
Solidarity Day March - March
... Because, though many groups and parties supported the demonstration, it was overwhelmingly a demonstration of organised labour ... It was the first major demonstration to have been organised for decades by the AFL-CIO ...