Demographics of Antigua and Barbuda - Demographic Statistics From The CIA World Factbook - Infant Mortality Rate

Infant Mortality Rate

Total: 16.25 deaths/1,000 live births
country comparison to the world: 120
Male: 18.78 deaths/1,000 live births
Female: 13.62 deaths/1,000 live births (2009 est.)

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Sheppard–Towner Act - Achievements - Infant Mortality
... infant mortality rate in 1922 was 76.2 death per 1000 live births ... Sheppard-Towner was repealed in 1929, the infant mortality rate had fallen to 67.6 ... There was already a downward trend in infant mortality during the 1920s not the entirety of the decrease was due to Sheppard-Towner ...
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... In 1985 the infant mortality rate was 84 per 1,000 by 2004, the U.S ... Development estimated that the infant mortality rate had dropped to 25.7 per 1,000 ... Other estimates report an infant mortality rate of less than 20 per 1,000 ...
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... By 1947, 40% of workers died each year with a 60% infant mortality rate ... the forced labourers died each year with a 60% infant mortality rate in the territory (according to The World Factbook's 2007 estimates, infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births) in modern-day Angola was 184.44 ...
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... of population by Governorates, Hebron Governorate has the highest rate of population at 13.9% of the total population, followed by Gaza Governorate 13.0 ... On the other hand, Jericho and Al Aghwar Governorate has the lowest rate of population at the end of 2005 at 1.1% ... Territory is 16.7 years, the crude birth rate in the Palestinian Territory to reach 37.3 in 2005, while the fertility rate in the Palestinian Territory in 2003 declined to 4.6 births, and life expectancy reach 71.7 ...

Famous quotes containing the words infant mortality, rate, infant and/or mortality:

    Families suffered badly under industrialization, but they survived, and the lives of men, women, and children improved. Children, once marginal and exploited figures, have moved to a position of greater protection and respect,... The historic decline in the overall death rates for children is an astonishing social fact, notwithstanding the disgraceful infant mortality figures for the poor and minorities. Like the decline in death from childbirth for women, this is a stunning achievement.
    Joseph Featherstone (20th century)

    Strange that the vanity which accompanies beauty—excusable, perhaps, when there is such great beauty, or at any rate understandable—should persist after the beauty was gone.
    Mary A. [Elizabeth, Countess Von] Arnim (1866–1941)

    Perchance not he but Nature ailed,
    The world and not the infant failed.
    It was not ripe yet to sustain
    A genius of so fine a strain,
    Who gazed upon the sun and moon
    As if he came unto his own,
    And, pregnant with his grander thought,
    Brought the old order into doubt.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    When I turned into a parent, I experienced a real and total personality change that slowly shifted back to the “normal” me, yet has not completely vanished. I believe the two levels are now superimposed, with an additional sprinkling of mortality intimations.
    Sonia Taitz (20th century)