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Castle (TV Series) - Broadcast History - DVD Releases
... with Nathan, Manhattan's Most Unusual Murders, Misdemeanors Bloopers Outtakes, deleted scenes and music videos Season 3 September 20, 2011 November 24, 2011 (In France ...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film) - Production - Deleted Scenes
... On the 2-disc DVD, there are some deleted and extended scenes ... In an extended scene at the beginning, when Anakin and Ahsoka are trying to destroy the shield generator, they lose the box they were hiding under as they come across some ... The scene follows them jumping about and taking cover under the tanks before they get back under the box ...
List Of Family Guy DVDs - Season Releases - Region 2 (UK and Ireland) and Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand)
... Special features include 10 audio commentary tracks, 2 featurettes, deleted scene animatics, multi-angle table reads, and storyboard/animatic comparisons ... Special features include commentary on every episode, and over 40 deleted scenes ... every episode, 3 animatic episodes with optional commentary, deleted scenes, and 2 featurettes ...
Battlestar Galactica (season 4) - Home Video Releases
... Also included on the Razor disc are deleted scenes, two featurettes—"The Look of Battlestar Galactica" and "My Favorite Episode So Far", as well as a sneak peek at season 4 ... Also included are deleted scenes for every episode, ten David Eick videoblogs, three featurettes—"The Journey", "Cylons The Twelve", and "The Music of Battlestar Galactica", as well as a ... Also included are deleted scenes for various episodes, 11 David Eick videoblogs, and five featurettes—"Evolution of a Cue", "And They Have a Plan", "Th ...
La Antena - Deleted Scenes
... The DVD contains a number of deleted scenes that expand on the movie ... Among these are featured a scene presenting the Rat Man looking at a family portrait of anthropomorphic mice, a scene leading to Ana's father and grandfather being ...

Famous quotes containing the words scenes and/or deleted:

    From scenes like these old Scotia’s grandeur springs,
    That makes her loved at home, revered abroad;
    Princes and lords are but the breath of kings,
    “An honest man’s the noblest work of God!”
    Robert Burns (1759–1796)

    There is never finality in the display terminal’s screen, but an irresponsible whimsicality, as words, sentences, and paragraphs are negated at the touch of a key. The significance of the past, as expressed in the manuscript by a deleted word or an inserted correction, is annulled in idle gusts of electronic massacre.
    Alexander Cockburn (b. 1941)