Delay Line

Delay line may refer to:

  • Propagation delay, the length of time taken for something to reach its destination
  • Analog delay line, used to delay a signal
  • Bi-directional delay line, a numerical analysis technique used in computer simulation for solving ordinary differential equations by converting them to hyperbolic equations
  • Digital delay line, a sequential logic element
  • Delay line memory, a form of computer memory used on some of the earliest digital computers
  • Delay (audio effect)

Other articles related to "delay line, delay, line":

Phased - Process
... of phaser typically excludes such devices where the all-pass section is a delay line such a device is called a flanger ... Using a delay line creates an unlimited series of equally spaced notches and peaks ... It is possible to cascade a delay line with another type of all-pass filter as in, this combines the unlimited number of notches from the flanger with the uneven spacing of the phaser ...
AN/FPS-17 - Operation
... long, is coded, or tagged, by being passed through a tapped delay line which may reverse the phase at 20-microsecond intervals ... Upon reception the returned signal is passed through the same tapped delay line and compressed 1001, to 20 microseconds in order to increase the accuracy and ... A delay line is an artificial transmission detour that serves to retard the signal, made up with series inductances and parallel capacitances that yield a constant delay ...
Analog Delay Line
... An analog delay line is a network of electrical components connected in series, where each individual element creates a time difference or phase change between its input signal and its ... It is a variant of a delay line and is capable of handling signals whose amplitude varies continuously ...
Color Television - Adoption - Europe
... Having decided to adopt a higher-definition 625-line system for monochrome transmissions, with a lower frame rate but with a higher overall bandwidth, Europeans could not directly ... of NTSC and of initial SECAM implementations, the Germans unveiled PAL (phase alternating line) in 1963, technically similar to NTSC but borrowing some ideas from SECAM ... full-specification PAL receivers ("PAL-D") relied on a precision ultrasonic glass delay line, which in the early days was estimated would make up about a third of the cost of the ...

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