De La Gardie

De la Gardie, occasionally de la Gardie (French family name: d'Escouperie), is a Swedish noble family of French origin. The family's social status in France before the migration to Sweden is uncertain, they were possibly of lower gentry or bourgeoisie. Ponce d'Escouperie, a son of a tradesman, left 1565 for Sweden and took the name Pontus De la Gardie when registered by the House of Knights. He married Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm, an illegitimate daughter of king John III and was given the title baron in 1571, the baronial lineage of the family ended with his oldest son John De la Gardie. Pontus De la Gardie's second son, Jacob De la Gardie, was given the title count of Läckö in 1615 and his son Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie became favourite of Queen Kristina and married her cousin, Countess Palatine Maria Eufrosyne of Zweibrücken (sister to Charles X Gustav of Sweden).

The countship lineage De la Gardie of Läckö is extant, although the countships in Sweden no longer serve administrative regions. The head of the family is Carl Gustaf De la Gardie (1946- ) and lives outside Linköping.

Notable members include:

  • Pontus De la Gardie (1520–1585), Governor of the Swedish Estonia (1574–1575) and (1583–1585), he married Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm, the illegitimate daughter of John III of Sweden
  • Jacob De la Gardie (1583–1652), son of Pontus, led Swedish army to Moscow.
  • Johan De la Gardie (1626 – October 1628), Governor of the Swedish Estonia
  • Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie (1622–1686), Swedish statesman, son of Jacob.
  • Maria Sofia De la Gardie (1627–1694), industrialist
  • Axel Julius De la Gardie (1637–1710), Swedish Field Marshal, son of Jacob.
  • Johanna Eleonora De la Gardie (1661–1708), lady in waiting, poet
  • Magnus Julius De la Gardie (1668–1710), Swedish General and statesman, son of Axel.
  • Brita Sophia De la Gardie (1713–1797), amateur actress, culture personality
  • Catherine Charlotte De la Gardie (1723–1763), heroine
  • Eva De la Gardie (1724–1786), scientist
  • Hedvig Catharina De la Gardie (1732–1800), daughter of Magnus Julis, wife of Axel von Fersen the Elder and mother to Axel von Fersen the Younger.
  • Hedvig Ulrika De la Gardie (1761–1832), lady in waiting

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