DBA may refer to:

In academic contexts:

  • Doctor of Business Administration, a research-based doctorate degree

In business:

  • Dallas Bar Association, professional organization for lawyers in Dallas, Texas, U.S.
  • DBA (airline), a former low-cost German airline
  • Defense Base Act, type of insurance that covers employees at U.S. defense bases overseas
  • Doing business as, legal term related to the name a business uses

In music:

  • Dead by April, a pop metal band from Sweden
  • Death By Audio, a Venue, Effect Pedal Company and Record Label in Brooklyn, NY

In science:

  • Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a congenital medical condition
  • Dibenzylideneacetone, an organic compound used as a sunscreen
  • Dilute, Brown and non-Agouti, a strain of laboratory mice developed by C. C. Little
  • Dolichos biflorus agglutinin, a cell surface lectin

In technology:

  • dBA, decibel A-weighting, an environmental noise measurement
  • DarkBASIC, a computer language and associated programming environment designed to simplify the creation of 3-D video games. Saves in .dba format.
  • Database administrator, a person responsible for the environmental aspects of a database
  • Database administration, a technical function concerned with the effective use and control of a particular database and of its related applications
  • Design basis accident, scenario in nuclear facilities
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation, telecommunications algorithm

In other uses:

  • Bolkhovitinov DB-A, 1930s Soviet heavy bomber
  • De Bellis Antiquitatis, tabletop wargame

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