David Ben Solomon Ibn Abi Zimra

David Ben Solomon Ibn Abi Zimra

Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn (Abi) Zimra (Hebrew: דוד בן שלמה אבן אבי זמרא), also called Radbaz (רדב"ז) after the initials of his name, Rabbi David iBn Zimra, was an early Acharon of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries who was a leading posek, rosh yeshiva, chief rabbi, and author of more than 3,000 responsa (halakhic decisions) as well as several scholarly works.

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David Ben Solomon Ibn Abi Zimra - Works
... Divrei David ("Words of David") — containing decisions and chiddushim (original Torah thoughts) on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, published by Joseph Zamiro ... containing answers to the criticisms of Abraham ben David on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and commentaries on those passages in that work which the Maggid Mishneh of Vidal of Tolosa overlooks ... collection Me-Harere Nemarim of Abraham ben Solomon Akra, Venice, 1599 ...

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