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Mashup (digital) - Types of Mashup - By API Type - Data Types
... Indexed data (documents, weblogs, images, videos, shopping articles, jobs...) used by metasearch engines Cartographic and geographic data geolocation software, geovisualization Feeds ...
Classes of Data Types - Primitive Data Types - Numeric Types
... Such as The integer data types, or "whole numbers" ... Floating point data types, sometimes misleadingly called reals, contain fractional values ... Fixed point data types are convenient for representing monetary values ...
Spectasia - Code - Data Types
... It is fully compatible with most common data formats for example exe, app.txt, pdf.doc.png.bmp.jpg, etc ...
ActionScript - Data Structures - Using Data Types
... Or, in an informal way var myObject = {} Some types are automatically put in place var myStringString = "Hello Wikipedia!" // This would automatically set the variable as a string ... // Param1 is a string with the data of "Hi!", // and Param2 is a number with the data of 76 ... object-oriented languages, ActionScript makes no distinction between primitive types and reference types ...
Comparison (computer Programming)
... Greater than" and "less than" comparison of non-numeric data is performed according to a sort convention (such as, for text strings, lexicographical order) which may be built in to the programming language and/or ... with the result of a comparison between two data items, say "a" and "b", the usual convention is to assign −1 if a < b, 0 if a = b and 1 if a > b ... Comparison of programmer-defined data types (data types of which the programming language itself has no in-built understanding) may be carried out by custom-written or library functions ...

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