Data Collector

In the UK electricity system, a data collector (DC) is responsible for determining the electricity consumption of supplies.

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Prime Computer - Specialised Software - CAD/CAM
... At the time Ford was using Control Data Corporation (CDC) stand-alone computers ... Data was shared via reel tape and stored in “Data Collector” rooms at each facility ... As a result, the Data Collector (rooms) would contain several 750 class machines, each with rows of CDC 300 or 600MB drives ...
Meter Point Administration Number - Unmetered Supplies
... To do so, they employ a Meter Administrator who will use daily data from a Pecu Array which is then used to calculate the energy consumptions ... consumed by their declared Unmetered Equipment, and because the data is downloaded daily the Authorities will see their energy invoices change throughout the year to ... energy consumption are sent to the appointed Data Collector who will in turn provided them to the appoint Electricity Supplier who invoices the Customer for the electricity used ...
Guard Tour Patrol System
... Modern systems are based on handheld data loggers and RFID sensors ... as follows The employee carries a portable electronic sensor (PES) or electronic data collector which is activated at each checkpoint ... The data collector stores the serial number of the checkpoint with the date and time ...
Data Collector - Non-half-hourly
... two meter reads, this is annualised to produce an annual advance (AA), this being the data the supplier will pay on) ... Data from the DC (EAC/ AA's) is provided to the non half hourly data aggregator, which aggregates the individual values provided into a single figure split in a number ... This aggregated data is then provided to the Central Systems, maintained by Elexon, to determine the value of energy which has been used by suppliers so that ...

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