Dark Hunters

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Bionicle 2: Legends Of Metru Nui - Plot
... shadow" had sought to enforce endless sleep to create a dark age where the people would be forced to acknowledge the shadow as their ruler.. ... After giving the last stone to Vakama, Lhikan is captured by two Dark Hunters called Nidhiki (who refers towards the Toa as "brother") and Krekka ... However, the Dark Hunters follow them and manage to get the flow of the chute reversed ...
Bionicle Legends - Plot Summary (2006) - Legacy of Evil
... This portion of the storyline describes the Piraka's history, involvement in the Dark Hunters and subsequent betrayal and the events leading up to their journey to ... the Fortress and are captured by the Dark Hunter "Ancient", who confiscates the artifact and recruits the Dark Hunters along with four Skakdi, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, and Reidak ... When the trio meet with Turaga Dume to offer protection in the event the Dark Hunters' are allowed to establish a base, he declines ...
List Of Bionicle Characters - The Matoran Universe - Dark Hunters - Piraka
... The Piraka were a group of Skakdi who abandoned the Dark Hunters to search for the Mask of Life and claim it for themselves ...

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    The rank and file have let their servants become their masters and dictators.... Provision should be made in all union constitutions for the recall of leaders. Big salaries should not be paid. Career hunters should be driven out, as well as leaders who use labor for political ends. These types are menaces to the advancement of labor.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    It’s the old captain’s dark fate
    Who failed to find or force a strait
    In its two-thousand-mile coast;
    And his crew left him where he failed,
    And nothing came of all he sailed.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)