Dark Adonis

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Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness - Plot
... After defeating the demon Vyers, who refers to himself as the "Dark Adonis" and is renamed "Mid-Boss" by Laharl, he meets Angel Trainee Flonne ... be obtained very early in the game, In Episode 1, if the final boss of the chapter ("Dark Adonis") defeats all of the characters in battle, a cut scene will appear ...
List Of Disgaea Characters - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Other Characters - Vyers (Dark Adonis/Mid Boss)
... Vyers often refers to himself as the Dark Adonis (Beauty Baron in the Japanese versions) however, Laharl, deeming Vyers unworthy of any real title, brands him with the name 'Mid Boss', which sticks for the ... In Disgaea 2, the player faces Dark Adonis Vyers as a Hidden Boss in the Sub-Chapter called I want to see the Ending ...

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