Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Daniel Patrick Moynihan (March 16, 1927 – March 26, 2003) was an American politician and sociologist. A member of the Democratic Party, he was first elected to the United States Senate for New York in 1976, and was re-elected three times (in 1982, 1988, and 1994). He declined to run for re-election in 2000. Prior to his years in the Senate, Moynihan was the United States' Ambassador to the United Nations and to India, and was a member of four successive presidential administrations, beginning with the administration of John F. Kennedy, and continuing through that of Gerald Ford.

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    A commonplace of political rhetoric has it that the quality of a civilization may be measured by how it cares for its elderly. Just as surely, the future of a society may be forecast by how it cares for its young.
    —Daniel Patrick Moynihan (20th century)

    No April can revive thy withered flowers,
    Whose blooming grace adorns thy glory now;
    Swift speeding Time, feathered with flying hours,
    Dissolves the beauty of the fairest brow.
    Oh let not then such riches waste in vain,
    But love whilst that thou mayst be loved again.
    —Samuel Daniel (1562–1619)

    And no one knows what’s yet to come.
    For Patrick Pearse had said
    That in every generation
    Must Ireland’s blood be shed.
    From mountain to mountain ride the fierce horsemen.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)