• (adj): Marked by repeated cycles.
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Chief Series - Properties - Existence
... To see this, note Z is cyclic and abelian, and so all of its subgroups are normal and cyclic as well ... Supposing there exists a chief series Ni leads to an immediate contradiction N1 is cyclic and thus is generated by some integer a, however the subgroup generated by 2a is a ...
Cyclic Di-GMP-I Riboswitch
... Cyclic di-GMP-I riboswitches are a class of riboswitch that specifically bind cyclic di-GMP, which is a second messenger that is used in a variety of microbial processes including virulence ... Cyclic di-GMP-I riboswitches were originally identified by bioinformatics as a conserved RNA-like structure called the "GEMM motif" ... difficile is predicted to carry a cyclic di-GMP-I riboswitch, which it might use to detect and exploit the physiological state of bacteria that it ...
Pi Interaction - Metal-π Interactions - Cyclic Systems
... The specifics for binding of π cyclic systems are much more complex and depend on the electrons, the HOMO, and the LUMO in each individual case of molecules ... Cyclic π systems can bind monohapto or polyhapto depending on the individual situation ... The diversity of these cyclic complexes allows for a seemingly endless number of metallic structures ...
Modeling Seasonality
... A completely regular cyclic variation in a time series might be dealt with in time series analysis by using a sinusoidal model with one or more sinusoids whose period-lengths may be known or ... A less completely regular cyclic variation might be dealt with by using a special form of an ARIMA model which can be structured so as to treat cyclic variations ...
... a lyase, that catalyzes a chemical reaction to form a cyclic compound ... Important cyclase enzymes include Adenylyl cyclase, which forms cyclic AMP from adenosine triphosphate Guanylyl cyclase, which forms cyclic GMP from guanosine triphosphate Guanylyl cyclase c ...

More definitions of "cyclic":

  • (adj): Botany; forming a whorl or having parts arranged in a whorl.
    Example: "Cyclic petals"; "cyclic flowers"
  • (adj): Of a compound having atoms arranged in a ring structure.
  • (adj): Recurring in cycles.
    Synonyms: cyclical
  • (adj): Conforming to the Carnot cycle.