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List Of Gunnm: Another Stories Characters - Seiyakyoku - Carol
... Dedekind's mansion and is chased by Pakila in her cyborg form ... Pakila in her cyborg form finds her at Gonzu's residence and takes her back to Dedekind's mansion, where their brains are swapped ... When he sees her in the cyborg body formerly occupied by Pakila, Ido attacks Carol, severely damaging her ...
Battle Angel (OVA) - Differences Between The OVA and Manga - Character Differences
... The cyborg body that Gally is transferred into is the Berserker Body from the manga ... It is implied that Ido created this body ... In the manga, this was the second cyborg body Alita received after her first civilian body was destroyed in her first fight with Makaku ...
Siege (John Kelly) - Powers and Abilities
... Siege possesses a massive cyborg body ... As Kelly's personality and mental patterns have been encoded into the Siege cyborg body in machine language, Siege is impervious to mental scans ... Siege's cyborg body possesses a built-in Gatling assembly on his right forearm capable of discharging 100 low-yield plasma bursts per second ...

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    What happens in a strike happens not to one person alone.... It is a crisis with meaning and potency for all and prophetic of a future. The elements in crisis are the same, there is a fermentation that is identical. The elements are these: a body of men, women and children, hungry; an organization of feudal employers out to break the back of unionization; and the government Labor Board sent to “negotiate” between this hunger and this greed.
    Meridel Le Sueur (b. 1900)