Cyathea is a genus of tree ferns, the type genus of the fern order Cyatheales. They are mostly terrestrial ferns, usually with a single tall stem. Rarely, the trunk may be branched or creeping. Many species also develop a fibrous mass of roots at the base of the trunk. The genus has a pantropical distribution, with over 470 species. They grow in habitats ranging from tropical rain forests to temperate woodlands.

The genus name Cyathea is derived from the Greek kyatheion, meaning "little cup", and refers to the cup-shaped sori on the underside of the fronds.

The best known species include:

  • Cyathea brownii, the Norfolk Tree Fern
  • Cyathea cooperi, the Australian Tree Fern or Lacy Tree Fern
  • Cyathea dealbata, the Silver Tree Fern
  • Cyathea medullaris, the New Zealand Black Tree Fern

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