Customary Units

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List Of Customary Units Of Measurement In South Asia
... The origins of the customary units of measurement in South Asia are varied ... Several of the more important units were cognate with units of measurement in the Arabian Peninsula to the West or in China to the East, to facilitate trade ... During the period of British India, these South Asian units cohabited with Imperial units ...
Customary Units In The United States
... United States customary units are a system of measurements commonly used in the United States ... units are virtually identical to their imperial counterparts, but the U.S ... customary system developed from English units used in the British Empire before the system of imperial units was standardized in 1824 ...
Customary Units Of Measure - Imperial and US Customary Units
... Both imperial units and US customary units derive from earlier English units ... Imperial units were mostly used in the British Commonwealth and the former British Empire but in most Commonwealth countries they have been largely ... US customary units, however, are still the main system of measurement in the United States ...

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