Some articles on curves:

Minimum Railway Curve Radius - Problem Curves
... Garratt had flangeless leading driving wheels which tended to cause derailments on sharp curves ... Sharp curves on the Port Augusta to Hawker line of the South Australian Railways caused derailment problems when bigger and heavier SAR X class locomotives were introduced, requiring deviations to ease the. 5-chain (101 m 330 ft) curves on the Oberon railway line, New South Wales, limited steam locomotives to the 19 class ...
Log ASCII Standard
... wellbore but it can contain any number of curves for that well ... Common curves found in a LAS file might be gamma ray logging, sonic logging, or resistivity logging ... This usually is not an issue with most log curves ...
Sinusoidal Spiral
... the sinusoidal spirals are a family of curves defined by the equation in polar coordinates where a is a nonzero constant and n is a rational number other than 0 ... Many well known curves are sinusoidal spirals including Line (n = −1) Circle (n = 1) Equilateral hyperbola (n = −2) Parabola (n = −1/2) Cardioid (n = 1/2) Lemniscate of ...
Curves International
... Curves International, also known as Curves for Women, Curves Fitness, or just Curves, is an international fitness franchise co-founded by Gary and Diane Heavin in 1995 ... Curves was said to have 10,000 locations worldwide and an estimated 4 million plus members in October 2006 ... Curves fitness and weight loss facilities are designed specifically for and focused on women, although in some states, men are allowed to join ...
Counting Points On Elliptic Curves - Bibliography
... Smart Elliptic Curves in Cryptography, Cambridge University Press, 1999 ... Enge Elliptic Curves and their Applications to Cryptography An Introduction ... Schoof Counting Points on Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields ...

Famous quotes containing the word curves:

    At the end of every diet, the path curves back toward the trough.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    One way to do it might be by making the scenery penetrate the automobile. A polished black sedan was a good subject, especially if parked at the intersection of a tree-bordered street and one of those heavyish spring skies whose bloated gray clouds and amoeba-shaped blotches of blue seem more physical than the reticent elms and effusive pavement. Now break the body of the car into separate curves and panels; then put it together in terms of reflections.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    For a hundred and fifty years, in the pasture of dead horses,
    roots of pine trees pushed through the pale curves of your ribs,
    yellow blossoms flourished above you in autumn, and in winter
    frost heaved your bones in the ground—old toilers, soil makers:
    O Roger, Mackerel, Riley, Ned, Nellie, Chester, Lady Ghost.
    Donald Hall (b. 1928)