Current Limiting

Current limiting is the practice in electrical or electronic circuits of imposing an upper limit on the current that may be delivered to a load with the purpose of protecting the circuit generating or transmitting the current from harmful effects due to a short-circuit or similar problem in the load. This term is also used to describe the ability of an overcurrent protective device (fuse or circuit breaker) to reduce the peak current in a circuit, by opening and clearing the fault in a sub-cycle time frame.

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Power Supply - Overload Protection - Current Limiting
... Some supplies use current limiting instead of cutting off power if overloaded ... The two types of current limiting used are electronic limiting and impedance limiting ... A foldback current limiter reduces the output current to much less than the maximum non-fault current ...
Foldback (power Supply Design)
... Foldback is a current limiting feature (a type of overload protection) of power supplies and power amplifiers ... When overcurrent is drawn by the load, foldback reduces both the output voltage and current to well below the normal operating limits ... Under a short circuit, where the output voltage has reduced to zero, the current is typically limited to a small fraction of the maximum current ...
Electrical Ballast - Current Limiting
... Ballasts limit the current through an electrical load ... were connected to a constant-voltage power supply, it would draw an increasing amount of current until it was destroyed or caused the power supply to fail ... To prevent this, a ballast provides a positive resistance or reactance that limits the current ...
Current Limiting - Slew Rate Control
... Some devices have this "slew rate limiting" output resistor built in some devices have programmable slew rate limiting ...

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