Crystal Momentum

In solid-state physics crystal momentum or quasimomentum is a momentum-like vector associated with electrons in a crystal lattice. It is defined by the associated wave vectors of this lattice, according to

(where is the reduced Planck's constant). Like mechanical momentum, crystal momentum is frequently conserved, making it useful to physicists and materials scientists as an analytical tool.

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Direct And Indirect Band Gaps - Implications For Radiative Recombination
... photons, and other particles are required to satisfy conservation of energy and crystal momentum (i.e ... A photon with an energy near a semiconductor band gap has almost zero momentum ... gap semiconductor, as photons cannot carry crystal momentum, and thus conservation of crystal momentum would be violated ...
Crystal Momentum - Applications - ARPES
... spectroscopy (ARPES), irradiating light on a crystal sample results in the ejection of an electron away from the crystal ... the course of the interaction, one is allowed to conflate the two concepts of crystal and true momentum and thereby gain direct knowledge of a crystal's band ... That is to say, an electron's crystal momentum inside the crystal becomes its true momentum after it leaves, and the true momentum may be subsequently inferred from the equation by measuring the angle ...
Position Space - Reciprocal Space and Crystals
... For an electron (or other particle) in a crystal, its value of k relates almost always to its crystal momentum, not its normal momentum ... Crystal momentum is like a wave envelope that describes how the wave varies from one unit cell to the next, but does not give any information about how the wave varies ... When k relates to crystal momentum instead of true momentum, the concept of k-space is still meaningful and extremely useful, but it differs in several ways from the non-crystal k-sp ...
Phonon - Crystal Momentum
... It is tempting to treat a phonon with wave vector as though it has a momentum, by analogy to photons and matter waves ... This is not entirely correct, for is not actually a physical momentum it is called the crystal momentum or pseudomomentum ... vectors act as additional "chunks" of momentum which the lattice can impart to the phonon ...

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