Crystal Lattice

  • (noun): A 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal.
    Synonyms: space lattice, Bravais lattice

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Diffusion Creep - Principle
... Some sites of atoms in the crystal lattice can be occupied by point defects, such as "alien" particles or vacancies ... vacancies may also be influenced by the number of chemical impurities in the crystal lattice, if such impurities require the formation of vacancies to exist in ... A vacancy can move through the crystal structure when the neighbouring particle "jumps" in the vacancy, so that the vacancy moves in effect one site in the ...
Dislocation Creep - Principles - Dislocations and Glide Planes in Crystals
... creep takes place due to the movement of dislocations through a crystal lattice ... Each time a dislocation moves through a crystal, part of the crystal moves one lattice point along a plane, relative to the rest of the crystal ... By moving a dislocation step by step through a crystal lattice a linear lattice defect is created between parts of the crystal lattice, which is called a dislocation ...
Hardening (metallurgy) - Processes
... either a substitutionally (large alloying element substituting an atom in the crystal) or interstitially (small alloying element taking a place between atoms in the crystal lattice) ... just as supersaturated saltwater would precipitate small salt crystals, but atom diffusion in a solid is very slow at room temperature ... changes crystal structure from BCC (body centered cubic) to FCC (face centered cubic) ...
Hard Matter - Physics - Mechanisms and Theory
... atomic level, the atoms in a metal are arranged in an orderly three-dimensional array called a crystal lattice ... however, a given specimen of a metal likely never contains a consistent single crystal lattice ... A point defect is an irregularity located at a single lattice site inside of the overall three-dimensional lattice of the grain ...

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