Croft may refer to:

  • Croft (land), an area of land with a crofter's dwelling, used for crofting (small-scale food production).
  • Bleachfield, an open space used for the bleaching of fabric, sometimes called crofts.

Locations in the United Kingdom:

  • Croft, Cheshire, in the Borough of Warrington
  • Croft, Leicestershire
  • Croft, Lincolnshire
  • Croft, Pembrokeshire
  • Croft, Herefordshire
  • Croft Castle, Herefordshire
  • Croft-on-Tees, North Yorkshire
  • Crofton town, originally called "Croft-town, the town standing upon the Crofts

Locations in the United States:

  • Croft, California

For people named Croft, see Croft (surname).

Other uses:

  • Croft Circuit, a motor racing circuit in northeast England located Darlington

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