Crimean Tatars in Romania

Crimean Tatars In Romania

The roots of the Crimean Tatar diaspora community in Romania began with the Cuman migration in the 10th century. Even before the Cumans arrived other Turkic people like the Huns and the Bulgars settled in this region. A distinct Tatar ethnic identity first emerged following the Golden Horde's invasion of Dobruja. In the 14th and 15th centuries the Ottoman Empire colonized Dobruja with Nogais from Bucak. Between 1593 and 1595 Tatars from Nogai and Bucak were also settled to Dobruja. (Frederick de Jong)

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Crimean Tatars In Romania - Developments Post-WWII
... to Bulgaria and by 1977 an estimated number of 23,000 Tatars were living in Romania ... In 2005 The Democratic Union of Muslim Tatar-Turks claimed that there are 50,000 Tatars in Romania, believing the census estimate is artificially low because most Tatars identified themselves as Turks ... Nermin Eren also estimated the number of Tatars in Bulgaria to be around 20,000 in 1990s ...