CRH can refer to:

  • Choate Rosemary Hall, a private boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut
  • Crimean Tatar language, ISO 639-2 code for Crimean Tatar language
  • Celtic Resources Holdings plc, an Irish mining company
  • CRH plc, an Irish company that produces building materials
  • China Railway High-speed, the high-speed rail system operated by China Railways
  • Corticotropin-releasing hormone, a polypeptide hormone and neurotransmitter involved in the stress response
  • Cri Helicopters Mexico (ICAO airline designator: CRH)
  • Crouch Hill railway station, a railway station in England (National Rail station code: CRH)
  • Coin roll hunting, the hobby of searching change pulled from circulation for collectible coins
  • Calderdale Royal Hospital
  • Calibre radius head, an engineering term that describing a military shell

Other articles related to "crh":

Magnetic Automation Corp
... Furthermore, the Magnetic AutoControl Group is part of CRH Fencing Security ... CRH Fencing Security is a 100% subsidiary of CRH plc, an international building materials group ... CRH plc, headquartered in Ireland and active in more than 25 countries, has over 66,600 staff and a turnover of more than 14 billion Euros ...
China Railways CRH3 - Distribution
... As of March 2013 Operator Quantity Series number Lines serving Note CRH3C Beijing Railway Bureau 20 CRH3-001C ~ CRH3-016C、 CRH3-018C ~ CRH3-021C Jingjin ICL Shanghai Railway Bureau 16 CRH3-026C、CRH3-053C ~ CRH3-058C、CRH3-061C、 CRH3-062C、CRH3-069C ~ CRH3-075C Huning PDL、Huhang PDL Guangzhou Railway Group Co.Ltd 44 CRH3-017C、CRH3-022C ~ CRH3-025C、 CRH3-027C ~ CRH3-052C、CRH3-059C、CRH3-060C、 CRH3-063C ~ CRH3-068C、CRH3-076C ~ CRH3-080C Wuguang PDL CRH380B Shenyang Railway Bureau 5 CRH380B-6246~CRH380B-6250 Testing Harbin Railway Bureau 35 CRH380B-6251~CRH380B-6285 Testing CRH380BL Shanghai Railway Bureau 29 CRH380B-6225L~CRH380B-6230L, CRH380B-6401L~CRH380B-6423L Huning PDL、Huhang PDL Beijing Railway Bureau 11 CRH380B-6202L, CRH380B-6206L~CRH380B-6207L, CRH380B-6210L, CRH380B-6211L, CRH380B-6215L~CRH380B-6218L, CRH380B-6222L~CRH380B-6224L Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway Jinan Railway Bureau 26 CRH380B-6201L, CRH380B-6203L~CRH380B-6205L, CRH380B-6208L~CRH380B-6209L, CRH380B-6212L~CRH380B-6214L, CRH380B-6219L~CRH380B-6221L, CRH380B-6245L Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway Guangzhou Railway Bureau 29 CRH380B-6429L~CRH380B-6457L Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway CRH380CL Beijing Railway Bureau 1 CRH380C-6301L Testing. ...
China Railways CRH5
... The CRH5 are non-tilting trains, developed for the Chinese Railways and which technology has been transferred to local manufacturers ... The CRH5 have a design speed of up to 200 kilometres per hour (124 mph) and now operate steadily at 250 kilometres per hour (155 mph) ...
China Railways CRH3 - Train Series Number
... CRH3C made by Siemens CRH3-002C ~ CRH3-004C ... CRH3C made by CNR Tangshan Railway VehiclesCRH3-001C, CRH3-005C ~ CRH2-080C ...
China Railways CRH5 - Distribution
... As of January,2013 Operator Quantity Series number Lines serving Note CRH5A Beijing Railway Bureau 21 CRH5-005A、CRH5-007A、CRH5-009A、CRH5-018A、CRH5-021A、 CRH5-028A、CRH5-029A、CRH5-046A ~ CRH5-055A、 CRH5-063A、CRH5-064A、CRH5-090A、CRH5-091A Jingha Railway、Jingguang Railway Jinan Railway Bureau 18 CRH5-061A、CRH5-062A、CRH5-065A ~ CRH5-080A Jiaoji PDL Zhengzhou Railway Bureau 14 CRH5-034A ~ CRH5-043A、CRH5-056A、CRH5-057A、 CRH5-059A、CRH5-060A Longhai Railway、Jingguang Railway、 Jinghu Railway Shenyang Railway Bureau 30 CRH5-001A ~ CRH5-004A、CRH5-006A、CRH5-008A、 CRH5-010A ~ CRH5-017A、CRH5-024A ~ CRH5-027A、 CRH5-031A、CRH5-032A、CRH5-058A、 CRH5-081A ~ CRH5-085A、CRH5-088A、CRH5-089A、 CRH5-092A、CRH5-093A Jingha Railway Harbin Railway Bureau 6 CRH5-019A、CRH5-020A、CRH5-022A、 CRH5-023A、CRH5-030A、CRH5-033A Jingha Railway Taiyuan Railway Bureau 4 CRH5-044A、CRH5-045A、CRH5-054A、CRH5-055A Shitai PDL China MOR 1 CIT001 Comprehensive testing train. ...